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  1. Marta
    Marta July 20, 2016 at 4:21 am |

    Your blog is the Bible, mr Zhou. I flip out every time some colleague mentions he is waiting for the pay day because he has almost no money left. WTF. I know my situation is a bit special now because I don’t pay rent, but last year in Shanghai I managed to save half of my salary every month. Come on, it’s not that hard. Now I have comfy cushions both here and in Spain…

    A few months ago C. told me a horror story that happened to him. He went to some place to have dinner. He parked the car in the parking lot and then he noticed there was a passed out man right behind his car. It was a bit dark there. 10 more centimetres and he would have crushed him with the car. And then he would have had to pay him millions and probably even go to jail for years. For accidentally running over a drunk man lying in a corner in a dark parking lot. It is very scary.


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