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  1. Marta
    Marta March 31, 2016 at 7:29 am |

    Are rents really that expensive? I stopped paying rent a year ago because my bf bought this apartment, but I paid 4000 for a 2B in Huzuoan. In 2013/2014 because some guys from my old job were considering renting a flat, I visited some super nice and big apartments in Tianyu and the most expensive was 7,000 I think.

    On the other hand it makes sense, as this apartment is now 40% more expensive than we my bf bought it in December 2014… it’s crazy. There are lots of agency guys outside my compound and I don’t see a price below 400w. How can people afford that???? And how much more expensive is it going to get???? My salary hasn’t doubled in one year, and I guess no one else’s either!!!!


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